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“What’s the Tiggity?”

The world of cannabis can be diverse, complex, vast, and overwhelming. Over 90% of users take the advice from the source of where they get their cannabis. While knowledgeable, some cannabis companies/sellers may not always have the expertise to produce a plan that adheres to your personal needs. Cultivating the best experience comes from trial and error. While cannabis is available in an expansive variety, finding the perfect plant, for you, can be trying.

Tiggity is an interactive, online platform that uses consumer inclusivity to educate cannabis enthusiasts on the therapeutic uses of various plant types and their effects. With the cannabis industry thriving, we found the importance in educating consumers/patients to better assist them in what works for them.

Tiggity has you covered! Powered by experts in the cannabis industry, we connect with cannabis consultants, growers, journalers and many more. This allows us to cultivate a network of cannabis enthusiasts that provide accurate depictions of the effects/moods of various cannabis plants per their experiences. This way, whenever you log in, you can skip the experimental phases and get right to the desired effects.