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For the best results from cannabis therapy, Tiggity is the online journal you can update, access, and share from anywhere


Your new online platform for sharing experiences with cannabis therapy
Cannabis journaling gone digital cultivates deeper knowledge and encourages sharing personal experiences and insight with your canna-community


The world of cannabis is not only vast, but it’s also complex. If you’re looking for the right products or therapy for you, it can even be overwhelming. When you do find a good product, how do you track your progress? How do you visualize or identify patterns?

Cannabis journaling is similar to other kinds of therapeutic journaling. By putting it “on the page,” you’re able to track the effects of cannabis therapy and know what works for you, and what doesn’t.

The tiggity on each cannabis product is the crowdsourced rating of its mood and treatment effects. Start you experience today in this online cannabis journal, and instead of months of trial-and-error to get to the desired effects you want, you can ask our community of experts and consumers…”what’s the tiggity on that?”

Use Tiggity as your journal as well as a source of superior information
Tiggity is your stomping ground for all-things cannabis therapy. You can log experiences and share insights about plant types, their effects, or the industry as a whole.

The cannabis industry is thriving, which is good for access but a mixed bag for those trying to navigate what’s really best for them. With Tiggity, you can not only track and visualize your own experiences but also dive into the growing database of knowledge that others share.

Connect with the cannacommunity
Tiggity is powered by experts in the cannabis community. This means that the platform gets you access to insights from key cannabis consultants, growers, journalers, and more.

Tiggity is your ticket to skip the “experimental phase” with your cannabis therapy and get right to the effects you’re after.

Benefits of cannabis journaling

Track trends by

Track trends by

Track trends by

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Note side effects
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About Tiggity

Tiggity is the interactive platform built as the online cannabis journal optimized for consumer inclusivity. This means Tiggity exists to educate the cannacurious and the cannenthusiasts on the therapeutic use of cannabis.

The cannabis industry is booming, yet over 90% of consumers look for advice from the source of where the product is bought. While knowledgeable, not every seller will have all the answers, especially not on a case-by-case basis. 

Tiggity is powered by journalers in the cannacommunity who help each other have the best experiences with each individual strain. Tiggity journalers share real mood and effect experiences, batch by batch. Forget puffed-up reviews on sales pages. Tiggity is built on easy-to-understand—and totally relatable—user input.

Cultivating a positive experience with cannabis comes from a lot of trial and error. And at its heart, Tiggity is the safe space that you can access anytime, anywhere to track your own experiences as you search for your perfect plant.

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